2018 has been a fantastic year

 In fact, it’s been so great, that we’d like to share it.

As December draws to a close, it’s only natural to think back on the past 12 months and reflect on everything we’ve explored and achieved through our partnerships and our many enthusiastic volunteer patients.

At James Lind Institute, 2018 has been both busy and beautiful. Here are some of our accomplishments in 2018:

  • 10 new collaborations, mostly with relevant and professional patient organisations, but also one very succesful  commercial partnership with the Danish company, EASIS, got us excited about partnering up for more commercial campaigns next year.
  • 12 studies in 3 countries – and we have so much more in the pipeline for 2019. We’ve been involved with finding patients for clinical trials involving lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, to name a few.
  • 100+ emails sent to more than 81.000 recipients (give and take a few) From us inviting them to get involved in various studies. That’s a lot! Some of our volunteer patients have gotten several invites, but still. And of course we abided by the new GDPR standards.
  • 30.000+ members in our panels of volunteer patients in 3 countries. We are very grateful that we’ve kept growing in 2018 in both Denmark, Sweden and UK.
  • 61 patients enrolled in studies after careful research and screening. We’re still looking to match patients with clinical trials. Because studies keep coming in, and since criteria are always very difficult, finding enough of the right people takes time and a lot of effort. But it’s very much worth it. 

That’s a lot of numbers. And what does it all add up to? A most excellent year and a taste of what’s to come in 2019.

We have so many more figures, but we’ll save those for later. We’ve not included all the ongoing talks about new projects and partnerships with interesting people and patient organisations. We’ve been to meetings, seminars, we’ve been open for new opportunities. We’ve been listening. And we’ve made sure that our patient volunteers have been heard.

We’ve got so much exciting work ahead of us and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. But right now we just want to take a deep breath and appreciate all we’ve achieved.

And say a deepfelt ‘Thank you’ to all the patient volunteers, researchers and patient organisations we’ve had the privilege to work with in 2018.  We could not have done it without you.