About James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute is an international patient organization founded in 2011. We believe that patients should actively take part in the development of better treatments, no matter the diagnosis.

As an international patient organization, we facilitate research focused patient communities in Europe and guide patients in their clinical trial engagements. We are currently active in United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark.

We are focused on creating cooperating partnerships with patient organisations, patient advocacy groups, and other relevant stakeholders..
Our goal is to create better medical treatment for our members, and thereby a better future. We believe in achieving this goal by working together with other organisations.

Our mission and vision

Mission: James Lind Institute wants to create patient communities that work for better medical treatments for chronic illnesses and promote clinical research.

Vision: Every patient with a chronic ailment should be able to participate in clinical trials.

Our values

Trustworthiness: Because we work with clinical research and health data, we must be a  trustworthy and reliable organisation to all our members and collaborative partners. Some of our most important partners are the Data Protection agencies, national Research Ethics committees, and Patient Advocacy organisations.  

Innovation: We want to revolutionize patient engagement. To make it easier and safer for our members to participate and learn from clinical research. We use digital tools, create online communities, and provide updated information about clinical research.

Patient Centric: At James Lind Institute, our sole purpose is to provide members with the opportunity to engage themselves in valuable and ethical clinical research. We truly believe that patient centric research is better for everybody.

Transparency: We communicate openly about our methods, economy, work process and our collaborative partners. And we inform our members about what to expect from any clinical trial

About us

James Lind Institute is an international patient organisation founded in 2011. It facilitates research focused patient communities in Europe, guiding patients in their clinical trial engagements.

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