James Lind Institute reaches 25.000 members

At the beginning of 2018 James Lind Institute set the bar high: We wanted to reach 25.000 members within 6 months. But by the end of March this goal was reached when the patient organization turned a sharp corner and reached the milestone by surpassing the 25.000 members mark.

Many organizations start out a new year by defining new goals and new milestones. Likewise, at James Lind Institute we wanted to set an ambitious goal for the growth of members in the first half of the new year.

“We tried to be ambitious and set the bar higher than we thought we could reach. But we quickly realized that our goal was within our reach much sooner than expected”, says the founder of James Lind Institute, Henrik Vincentz.

New campaign with the Danish Diabetes Association

With the goal of 25.000 members closing in on the horizon, we started to realize that it was possible to reach the goal in the first quarter.

“When we could see that our goal of 25.000 members was within grasp, we began to accelerate the process of recruiting new members by creating a campaign with the Danish Diabetes Association”.

The first phase of the campaign was remarkably successful, and it exceeded the estimated number of new members.

“The campaign only closes in May, but when we sent out the first campaign email, we got so many new members – it totally exceeded our expectations. With more than 2.000 new members, we turned a sharp corner, and James Lind Institute now has more than 25.000 members.

More to come

Even though the success has been overwhelming, we do not stop to celebrate, because James Lind Institute is already focused on the next big leap.

“I truly believe in the work we are doing in this organization; making it safe and easy to participate in clinical trials, providing patients with the possibility of contributing to the development of new and better treatments”, Henrik Vincentz explains and continues

“That’s also why my eyes are already set on the next big milestone: 30.000 members. We look forward to cooperating with many patient organizations, and this work is already in progress. I’m of course very happy that we have reached 25.000 members prior to our deadline, but I’m even more excited about the future. There’s a lot more to come for James Lind Institute and our many members.”