Our mission, vision and values


The mission of James Lind Institute is to create patient communities, so we can promote clinical research and thereby provide our patients with better medical treatment for their illness and diseases.


Everyone with a chronic disease should have the possibility of participating in clinical trials



We see this as an extremely important value because we are working with clinical research. It’s important that our members see us as a reliable and trustworthy organisation because we are working with health data. That is also why one of our most important partners is the Danish Data Protection Agency. We also consult with certified nurses and doctors whenever a relevant study occurs.


By making participation in clinical trials easier and more effective for our members, we strive to be an innovative organisation. We use digital surveys and create communities on social media platforms to provide our members with the newest information about clinical research and trials.

Patient Centered:

In James Lind Institute we focus on our members. Our sole purpose is to provide our members with the best opportunity of participating in a clinical study


We strive to be a transparent organisation by communicating openly about our working process and our partners in cooperation. Furthermore we provide our members with information about the process of clinical trials.