Successfully sweet collaboration with Danish company, EASIS

Earlier this summer, James Lind Institute ventured into its first commercial collaboration by partnering up with EASIS, the leading Danish manufacturer of foods for diabetics and health conscious consumers, all products are low in fat and have no added sugar.

Our common goal was raising awareness about research and patient enrollment, and EASIS proved to be an excellent partner. More than a thousand people joined Forskningspanelet, the Danish Research Panel.

The campaign was a joint and focused effort, reaching out to target groups through EASIS’ own social media channels, offering people the chance to win a year’s worth of EASIS products such as crisps and chocolate bars by signing up to our volunteer patient database.

As collaborations go, this made sense to both parties and for the diabetic community that proved eager to participate in clinical studies and to help research. And the cooperation between us goes on. This was just the beginning.

“I’m glad that this has been such a fruitful experience for both Forskningspanelet and for EASIS, but most of all, we have so much respect for our customers, who really value our many products and are willing to do something for the sake of medical research,” says Line Krogh Ellesgaard, Marketing Manager at EASIS.

In addition to this venture, James Lind Institute is looking to create new and meaningful campaign partnerships in both Denmark, Sweden and the UK, and would be delighted to hear from possible collaborators.

“We can’t wait to see future partnerships grow and be a source that strengthens science. There are so many possibilities for us to create awareness and stronger bonds with the right partners. Some are obvious for us to collaborate with, others will be a welcome surprise to the patient communities. We’re open for discussion on any possible campaigns targeted specific patient groups,” adds Henrik Vincentz, founder of James Lind Institute.

The lucky winner was selected on September 19 by drawing lots between the newly signed-up volunteers.