Together we take the pain out of Patient Enrollment

In the beginning of summer 2018, the Danish island of Bornholm was positively buzzing. Thousands were present for the annual gathering Folkemødet, where people, opinion makers, politicians and everyone in between meet to join in debates, making this the most talkative event of the year.

But we came to listen. James Lind Institute had 10 patient organisations over for lunch during Folkemødet, and we wanted to get to know them better. Hear about their various needs and hopes, so that we may be of even better service.

All patients are different and so are the organisations that rally for them. But some things are the same, no matter the diagnosis. There’s a great need for more transparency, better communication and closer cooperation across the board.

Above all, there’s a call for a high ethical standard to maintain the unique contact with the people we all work for: the patients.

Stronger bonds between James Lind Institute and patient organisations

That day we forged a stronger bond between patient organisations and ourselves, and vowed to create even better ways to enroll patients. Together.

It’s fall now and James Lind Institute is already on the path that takes scientific research and clinical studies to the next level, simply by engaging in the dialogue and collaborating closely with patient organisations and clinics.

“We’re creating a simpler and more transparent process, while making sure that the complexities of modern health care are thoroughly and professionally dealt with,” says Henrik Vincentz, founder of James Lind Institute, adding:

“Part of our job is taking on the responsibility of handling things that get in the way of getting scientific results. Making sure that the pre-screening is good and that all data regulations have been considered, so that patients feel safe and able to participate in studies. From our meetings with the patient organisations, we know for a fact that patients want to be part of research. But many don’t know how to enter studies. That’s one of the things we want to help with,” Henrik Vincentz says.

So talking is good, but listening to the needs and meeting them is the key for us to create better solutions. Smoother patient enrollment, quality and high ethical standards? We hear you.