We could probably go on and on about why it’s so great to be a member of our patient communities. Instead we’ve asked our members.
Here are some of the thoughts on being a member of our communities.

  • ”I’m a member of James Lind Institute’s Danish patient community because I would like to contribute to improve the research in medical treatment of chronic diseases, and also help by making the medical treatment more accessible and beneficial for the whole society. And I can also get a better understanding of my own health by participating in clinical trials.”

    Ayaba 40 years old, Denmark
  • ”By being a member, and participating in clinical trials, I hope to be an active part of expanding our knowledge in terms of medical treatment of chronic diseases. This should hopefully lead to better medical treatment for all. In my point of view, if you, as a citizen in our society, expect to receive good medical treatment through your entire life, you also have a moral obligation to give something back to medical system and help research development”

    Siggi 71 years old, Denmark
  • “I will recommend other people suffering from a chronic disease to participate in clinical trials and become a member of the British Research Panel (James Lind Institute’s patient community in the UK).. There’s no cost for participating in clinical trials, all expenses for transport are covered, you have a weekly health check and you may help other people suffering from MS or other diseases, by developing new and better medical treatment”

    Jane 53 years old, England