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Our work at James Lind Institute is grounded in empirical data, consisting of thousands of patient interviews, rigorous research and thoughtful analysis.

James Lind Institute combines our experience, research and analysis to create reports on patient insights, patient engagement initiatives and campaigns targeted wherever our knowledge is needed the most. Explore our reports to see how patient insights can be used to develop more patient centric research.

Gastroparesis among adults with type2 diabetes

Uncovering the symptoms and knowledge of gastroparesis among adults with diabetes. Revealing astonishing results about non-diagnosis and lack of knowledge.

More than 75% of adults with diabetes have never heard of gastroparesis

6% experience severe symptoms.
Only 2% are diagnosed!

Among type 2 diabetics gastroparesis is unknown and rarely diagnosed

NASH – the secret liver disease

New cures are being tested, but where are the patients

New cures are being tested, but where are the patients

Find out how few have the diagnosis

Correlation between obesity and NAFLD/NASH?

Gender in clinical trials – why fewer women participate

Detecting the differences in the female and the male mental paths towards participation in clinical trials.

Are women more thoughtful or less bold – we present the results

Men are more willing to endure painful interventions

Both men and women are equally motivated by altruistic reasons and selfish benefit

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James Lind Institute is an international patient organisation founded in 2011. It facilitates research focused patient communities in Europe, guiding patients in their clinical trial engagements.

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